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Equipment List, Shooting Schedule and Time Plan

Time plan 16th September – Casting and location photo’s to be taken. 23rd September – Do photo storyboard 30th September - Storyboard – Record audio files for; Teaser trailer, magazine covers and film poster deconstructions for DVD extra’s. Also record qualitative research for focus groups. 1st November – Start filming 22th November – Editing of teaser trailer From the 24th November – Create magazine cover and poster, filming and editing December – Do evaluation Shooting Schedule 4th November – Start Filming shots 1,2,3,5,6,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18 15th November – Film Shots 4,8,10 18th November - Film Shots 7,9,22,24 Equipment List - 2 tubes of black make-up - 2 tubes of white make-up - 2 tubes of green make-up - 2 tubes of red make-up - 4 make-up sponges - 3 bottles of fake blood - 2 test tubes from science room - 2 packs of face wipes - Ribena Juice - Video Camera - Tripod - Digital Camera

Location Report

Empty Corridor- I used this to show her trying to find any other survivors. The emptiness of the corridor will give the trailer an eerie feel, which adds to the mood of the story as a whole.
Empty Locations- I chose to show two empty locations in our teaser trailer. One of them will be the field and the other will be the outside of the sixth form block. I chose to do this to show the emptiness of the school, once all the students had been struck by the infection. I chose the field because it is vast and will show how large the spread of the infection was. It is also a good place to show as empty as it is usually full of students doing PE. The other empty location I chose was the area outside the sixth form block. This is also another area of the school that is usually busy and noisy, so it was also show empty the school is. The glass front of the sixth form block allows the audience to see inside the building, which will also be empty, which gives it an eerie feel to the trailer.
Slope- the slope will be used to show someone who has survived the virus slowly dying, and informing the student survivor of a secret which will stop the infection spreading. I chose this location because the walled area and the railing would be good for the dying person to rest against and try to move further to safety. This area is quite open which means that there can be other people/ zombies in the scene instead of having just the main two characters.
The door - this door will be used to show the first zombie. The glass panel in the door is small enough to just show the face of the zombie which is all that is supposed to be shown at this point in the trailer. The door is usually locked which means that is will rattle when banged against and that is the action the zombie will do. This area looks more school related than the overpass itself so it will be showing the setting for the rest of the action.
Corridor- this is the first location that will be seen in the trailer and will play a pivotal role in the trailer as this will be the cause of the infection. I chose this location because it looks different from the rest of the school buildings. The overpass has a sense of newness to it as it is empty, uncluttered and the walls and floors are clean and shiny still. I chose this location because it is anonymous and does not look like a part of the school. You cannot see anything that is school related so the audience will not know that this is not near the science rooms.
Sixth form stairs- this location will be used to show her looking around for other students and teachers. The staircase is wide enough to allow the camera to show her walking from the top to the bottom. The glass blocks that make up the front of the building are useful as they allow the camera to show the outside of the building, this will be perfect for showing the emptiness of the school. This will add a sense of mystery and suspense to the scene as people will be wondering why there is nobody about.
Sports hall- I am using the doors that lead into the sports hall because the glass panels in the doors make it a great location for the survivor to confine the zombies and stop the infection spreading. The area around the doors is shadowy and dark and adds an eerie feel to the scene, this will make it seem like there is something lurking in the shadows waiting to jump out and scare everyone. This adds tension to the scene, which makes it, fit in well with the genre of the trailer. Car park/ gates- I chose the car park and the gates for the last scenes in the trailer, as it would make a great location for her to walk through after she has contained the virus and zombies. Usually there are hardly any cars so it will give the scene a look of desertion, which would follow the theme from the other shots in the sixth form block and the field. The shadows created by the building adds a slight edge to the location as it is not known if there is something or someone lurking in the shadows. This will add tension to the scene that this location is used for.
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Casting Notes

Shauni- dying person Shauni likes the goriness of horror movies and doesn’t mind getting some blood on her for her part. This makes it easier for us to film without any hassles. Has had experience in front of the camera. Does not mind acting out of character in front of a camera. Is happy to act even if it is only small part.
Chase- Main Character: Did drama for her GCSE’s so has had previous experience in acting, which is useful for the performance. She has a eccentric personality, which adds a different style to the performance. This makes her unique. Chase has an undercut haircut, which shows her rebellious side, which is against the normal school regulations. She does not mind acting out of character on camera. This gives us more to work with.
Jasmin- Zombie 1: We chose Jasmin to be in our teaser trailer because of her bubbly, lively personality, which will bring a comical edge to the performance. She is also the type of person does not mind acting out of their comfort zone. She has a pale complexion which will add to the overall effect of the zombie performance. Has previously acted in film work. Audio on DVD Extras

Mock Up Sketch of Film Poster

Mock Up Sketch of Magazine Front Cover By Mary De Leca

Teaser Trailer Treatment

A2 Media Coursework Teaser Trailer Treatment Title: Zombie Invasion Genre: Horror There’s a zombie invasion that hits the town and takes over a local school and a surrounding area. It starts off when one of the students is walking through the science area with a jar of purple liquid which contains the infection. As he is walking with the jar, he trips over and the liquid pours out, releasing the infection throughout the school. There is one student who tries to contain and stop the infection spreading. We were trying to follow the same story line as the film, Resident Evil but some parts will be different. The students that get infected by the zombies will get turned into zombies as soon as she gets infected. As more and more of the students get infected, there are less students remaining in school. There is only one student left who is in a race against the clock to try and stop the infection from spreading towards the rest of the town. She desperately tries to find an antidote to save the people. She struggles to find out where and what this antidote could be. She meets a slowly dying person who informs her of what this antidote is and lets her know that she is the chosen one and the cure is within her body in the form of her blood. She panics because she doesn’t know how to get the blood out of her because she’s the only student left and doesn’t know who she can trust anymore.

Questionnaire Results

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Monday, 20 September 2010

Resident Evil Apocalypse Teaser Trailer Deconstruction Script

This teaser trailer starts off with a close up of the lady's face. She is in the position of her touching her face and looking straight at the camera. This shows the character engaging with the audience through her eyes. Her face is shown with the background being white. This also enhances the light of the shot. The shot seems to have a light that's been enhanced to make it brighter. The brightness also shows her features in her face.
On-screen text is present in this trailer. "Age" text is shown with a close up of her face. The texture of her skin looks wrinkled which suggests her age. The close up shot was successful in showing the features of this female character and how this may represent woman who tend to want to maintain their healthy skin even when they're growing older.
This shot here is a close up shown of the object. With this close up, you can see the detail of the object itself that's being presented. Showing the object in this shot, shows the importance of it. This leading to what the narrative could possibly entail. The text says "Regenerate. This word of text could generate some meaning for the object. So far, we as audience would think that this seems like a television advert de to the white background and the close ups of her face.
After the shot of the object, it goes to another close up of the female's character. She is still touching her face. So she could possibly be advertising a skin care product. The next shot is a visual close up of cells with blue colour flowing through the bloodstream. This symbolizes someone's body and how the treatment passes through the body.
After the visual of the blue colour flowing the the body, it then goes to a mid-shot of the female character once again. Because she has been presented in this trailer a lot since the beginning, it could possibly mean that her character is quiet important in the trailer and gives it meaning for viewers to understand the trailer. As she touches her face in this show, her skin tend to have less wrinkles making her look younger. This could possibly show an effect from using the "Regenerate" treatment that she was advertising before.
The master shot shown of her and the dog could suggest the theory of a dog being her friend. This could also mean that the dog might play a role later in the film. As the camera gets a close up of her face, the camera also zooms in closer to her face. By having this shot, you can instantly see that the features of her face are changing. At this point, her face is getting a more darker complexion and her skin is beginning to tear up showing cracks in her face. Her eyes are also opening more than in her previous shot shot where she looked more normal. Judging by this image of her and comparing it to the previous shot of her clear skin, there is a big difference. Because of the transition with her face changing, this could mean that that could be the consequence of her taking that "Regenerate" treatment. Therefore giving audience something to think about.
After the zoom in on her face, there is a close up of the dog growling which adds to the sound effect linking in with the horror genre of the film. Thereafter, there are fast editing of different shots where more action is shown, giving the trailer more meaning. As the "Regenerate" treatment object breaks, an extreme close up is shown of the female looking vert distraught and messy which is unusual. Once again, this shows how the "Regenerate" treatment is currently playing a big role in this film as well as the trailer.
After that, there are jump cuts of a birds eye view of a city or town. Here we finally see some form of normality because we see something familiar. As the jump cuts grow faster and get closer, it stop when there is a medium close up of the female character holding a gun. This shows her dominance within the scene. This could also show that she may be the leading character of this film as she stands in the middle of the town amongst disaster and disturbance.
The trailer has a circular structure because it starts off with the same theme as in the beginning of the trailer where the "Regenerate" treatment comes into play. Because at the end of the trailer, on-screen text is in blue showing "Regenerate". This proves how vital this treatment is for the narrative of the story. Audio on DVD Extras

SAW 5 Teaser Trailer Deconstruction Script

Trailer starts off with a close up shot which is zoomed out. It's almost like a small moving image of the character. This is the only footage shown at this point and rest of the screen is black. By just showing this character, it shows that he is possibly the main character in this story line.
Thereafter, there are some on-screen text. The text allows the audience to engage with the trailer and what it's showing and possibly gives some meaning to what the story line could possibly mean.
As the trailer goes on, the close up of the small moving image gets closer. On-screen text follows after each shot where the character gets closer. Here we can see the character more clearly. By his facial expression, it shows the mans fear clearly. He also has some blood on his face which shows that he's hurt and has been suffering. This is a clue towards what the story could be about.
Tracking show is used here as the man is looking towards the camera. The tracking shot of the character allows audience to see every moving action of the actor. In this shot you can see the man trying and struggling to escape.
Here us a close up shown of the main character, once again struggling to escape. His hands also shows his struggle y holding on trying to get free. This gives away a lot about the narrative of the film. So far we are under the impression that this man is in great pain and someone could possibly be punishing him.
Medium close up once again of the main character. By his facial expression you can tell that he's screaming. Possibly for pain or desperate attempt to get out. This could also show a big cry out for how scared he is.
Fast editing is now present showing him in a struggle and suffering, once again. Sound effects play a great role in keeping audiences glued to the screen and engaged with the trailer. The sound effects also indicate the horror genre of the film. Audio on DVD Extras

Twilight Teaser Trailer Deconstruction Script

The beginning of the teaser trailer shows image of "Summit Entertainment". This gives recognition to the company that distributed the Twilight movie.
First shot of the trailer sequence starts off with an establishing shot of the two characters in the woods. By viewing this shot in this view, you're able to see the outside environment that the characters are in and the action that's happening within the scene. The next shot stays within the same scene but a different camera shot. The next shot is a medium close of the same two characters from the previous shot. From this shot is allows viewers to see their facial expressions more clearly which allows us to find out more about them which then allows us to find out more about their personality and lets us into the action of the scene. By the male's facial expression, he is looking at her from the back almost in a loving way or embracing her presence. She on the other hand looks very unsure and a bit scared through the frown on her face and how her eyes are looking outwards as if trying to figure out the situation and the man behind her.
The next few shots are jump cuts are shown in fast editing. This shows us as viewers some of the action that's within the film sequence. The next shot is once again to the medium close up that was shown before. At this time the viewer can already see that these two characters are the two of the main characters in the film. This easer trailer is also supported by on-screen text which keeps the viewer engaged with the trailer and also gives the audience something to think about while watching the film.
There is a low angle tilt up show of where the male character flies through the air. Here is the first evidence that his character is not normal and may have some super natural powers. This leads to the vampire-fantasy genre of the film.
Another medium-close up is shown where the male and female characters become closer and go in to share a kiss. This shows how a romance is forming between the two lead characters. Medium shot here shown here of female character looking back at the male character who's in a long shot. Possibly gives away some of the narrative where it shows the male character staring at her. Almost in a stalker way but also not harmful. Thereafter, there are more jump cuts and fast editing which shows a lot of the action within the scene. This shows how he saves her from a car crash. Close ups are then shown of both characters looking at each other. By her facial expression here, you can see that she's in shock of how he managed to save her with his strength. Here she gets a glimpse of who he really is.
On-Screen text, once again, shown saying "From the Worldwide Best Seller". This shows audience how successful the Twilight books were. This gives an indication to possibly the movie being as successful as the book.
Another establishing show is shown where the two main characters are in the apartment together. This shows how close they're getting to each other and shows their chemistry where is a close up of their faces together before he flies her off. Here is shows her trust towards him by allowing him to fly her away.

Photo Storyboard

*Under Construction* Still need to scan in photo storyboard

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Saw 5 Poster Deconstruction Script

  • This is a very plain poster but with some hidden meanings and messages.
  • The image of the hands being held together with chains shows the audience that the film may be about someone being held captive with a sense of suffering.
  • The colours used in the poster are mostly dark browns and some grey which are very dull colours and gives a sense of darkness and eeriness to the film.
  • The distribution company, Lionsgate, is also mentioned on the bottom of the poster which gives Lionsgate the recognition that they distributed this film.
  • The date, October 24, is also shown here to say to the audience when the film will be released.
  • The crossing of the hands makes the chain create a "V" which is the symbol for 5 in Roman Numerals. This tells the audience that it's the 5th part of the Saw Saga.
  • The text "I am still among you" makes audience wonder who is among them and if they are a victim or killer.
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Resident Evil: Apocalypse Poster Deconstruction Script

  • The main character is clearly shown in this poster in the centre.
  • She seems to be the dominant female because of the weapons that she's holding and the clothes she is wearing is a dark colour which also shows her power and strength.
  • The facial expression on her face also says a lot about her and her mission. Her eyes are looking like she is on the look-out for trouble and she is going to sort it out. She is clearly ready for anything that comes her way because of her weapons.
  • The text on the poster also attracts the audience. "My name is Alice and I remember everything." This gives away some of the narrative to the audience and also tells more about the character named Alice. This film is the second part of the Resident Evil Saga and suggests that in the first film she forgot or was made to forget something.
  • There are images in the background of the poster which are very light in colour and not clearly visible. But it tells us as audience that her environment is within a city area because of the high buildings.
  • On the very top of the poster, Milla Jovovich is mentioned. This is the actress in the cover and by putting her name on there, it gives her the publicity and people who are fond of her earlier films would want to watch this film because she is in it. This also shows that she is the only well-known character in this film.
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Jennifer's Body Magazine Cover Decontruction Script

  • The overall cover is very plain with just one character in the front cover as the main image. This possibly indicates her being the main character in Jennifer's body.
  • Here hand is covered in blood, this also gives away some of the story from that film as well as the blood splattered on the floor by her foot.
  • The title of the magazine is shown in a bright red colour and bold text. The text is also written in capital letters which makes it stand out more to the reader.
  • There is no main cover line for this magazine, just normal cover lines throughout the cover which appeals to the audience that look at the cover before deciding to buy it. Cover lines also shows other articles in the magazine.
  • The main character here in this cover is dressed in a cheer-leading outfit which may suggest that she is in a school or she is either very popular among other people and friends because cheerleaders in films are mostly popular.
  • When you first look at here in the main image, you would think that she is just a typical teenage cheerleader. And you would also think that the featured film is not a horror film until you see the blood dripping from her hand.
  • No main coverline for the film is shown on the cover, only a pull out quote from Megan Fox suggesting there is an interview with her in the magazine itself.

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Twlight Magazine Cover Deconstruction Script

  • The main image is clearly shown in this cover. I think it's important to have a main image because that's what attracts most people to a magazine when it first catches their eye.
  • The main cover line links with the main image in the background. The text is much bigger than the rest of the cover lines which shows that it's the main focus of the cover. The text for "New Moon" matches with the title of the magazine through the glow effect of the text which also links well with the genre of the film that's being advertised.
  • There are also many cover lines on the cover which shows the audience what articles are included in the magazine. Audience decide if they want to buy the magazine if there is something worth reading inside the magazine.

  • The cover matches with the actual Twilight movie through its main image and the font that is used with the main coverline.
  • The main image shows the actors as their character in the movie. The "vampire-like" atmosphere genre of the film is shown through the background image. In the background there is a dark, smokey effect which relates to the fantasy genre of the film.
  • The smoky effect also shows the eerie environment of this film and the characters.
  • The three characters in the cover are the main characters of the advertised film, which is why they are chosen to represent the film in this cover.
  • The three characters are posing in the style of how they are in the film by what they're wearing and their body language. This makes it more appealing to the fans and it would encourage them to buy the magazine.
  • This cover represents young adults in a romantic nature. There is also a hint of envy and dislike through their facial expressions of the characters which also helps tell a bit of the story just through the cover.

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