Monday, 8 November 2010

The Filming

So far we have filmed 17 out of our 24 shots. We have looked through the shots and discussed them. It came to our attention that we really need to film 4 shots once again because they're just not right. We have to film the two empty locations shots (shots 8 and 10). The first empty location in the wide shot with the grass. We need to re do that shot because we were using a hand held camera because we didn't have the tripod at that moment. This leading to the shot being shaky where as we needed it to be a still shot. The same goes for the goes for the other empty location with the glass front. Another factor which we didn't like was the sun shinning too bright in the shot and we needed a darker atmosphere. So when we start our filming again on Thursday we will film those shots again by using the video camera on a tripod to ensure that it will be a still shot and also make sure we don't shoot the shot in an area where the sun is shining brightly. We also need to shoot shot 7. Because we wanted the actors to put their heads on the desks simultaneously. When we film again on Thursday we will time it better so the actors put their heads on the desks at the same time. Another shot we will re do on Thursday is shot 9 because we feel that our actress needs to look around more to show that she is trying to look for other possible survivors and she also needs to say some dialogue in the scene. At this point we are ahead of our filming schedule. The shots we still need to do are the retakes and shots 4,22, 24.

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