Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Casting Notes

Shauni- dying person Shauni likes the goriness of horror movies and doesn’t mind getting some blood on her for her part. This makes it easier for us to film without any hassles. Has had experience in front of the camera. Does not mind acting out of character in front of a camera. Is happy to act even if it is only small part.
Chase- Main Character: Did drama for her GCSE’s so has had previous experience in acting, which is useful for the performance. She has a eccentric personality, which adds a different style to the performance. This makes her unique. Chase has an undercut haircut, which shows her rebellious side, which is against the normal school regulations. She does not mind acting out of character on camera. This gives us more to work with.
Jasmin- Zombie 1: We chose Jasmin to be in our teaser trailer because of her bubbly, lively personality, which will bring a comical edge to the performance. She is also the type of person does not mind acting out of their comfort zone. She has a pale complexion which will add to the overall effect of the zombie performance. Has previously acted in film work. Audio on DVD Extras

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