Friday, 17 September 2010

Twlight Magazine Cover Deconstruction Script

  • The main image is clearly shown in this cover. I think it's important to have a main image because that's what attracts most people to a magazine when it first catches their eye.
  • The main cover line links with the main image in the background. The text is much bigger than the rest of the cover lines which shows that it's the main focus of the cover. The text for "New Moon" matches with the title of the magazine through the glow effect of the text which also links well with the genre of the film that's being advertised.
  • There are also many cover lines on the cover which shows the audience what articles are included in the magazine. Audience decide if they want to buy the magazine if there is something worth reading inside the magazine.

  • The cover matches with the actual Twilight movie through its main image and the font that is used with the main coverline.
  • The main image shows the actors as their character in the movie. The "vampire-like" atmosphere genre of the film is shown through the background image. In the background there is a dark, smokey effect which relates to the fantasy genre of the film.
  • The smoky effect also shows the eerie environment of this film and the characters.
  • The three characters in the cover are the main characters of the advertised film, which is why they are chosen to represent the film in this cover.
  • The three characters are posing in the style of how they are in the film by what they're wearing and their body language. This makes it more appealing to the fans and it would encourage them to buy the magazine.
  • This cover represents young adults in a romantic nature. There is also a hint of envy and dislike through their facial expressions of the characters which also helps tell a bit of the story just through the cover.

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