Friday, 17 September 2010

Saw 5 Poster Deconstruction Script

  • This is a very plain poster but with some hidden meanings and messages.
  • The image of the hands being held together with chains shows the audience that the film may be about someone being held captive with a sense of suffering.
  • The colours used in the poster are mostly dark browns and some grey which are very dull colours and gives a sense of darkness and eeriness to the film.
  • The distribution company, Lionsgate, is also mentioned on the bottom of the poster which gives Lionsgate the recognition that they distributed this film.
  • The date, October 24, is also shown here to say to the audience when the film will be released.
  • The crossing of the hands makes the chain create a "V" which is the symbol for 5 in Roman Numerals. This tells the audience that it's the 5th part of the Saw Saga.
  • The text "I am still among you" makes audience wonder who is among them and if they are a victim or killer.
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