Monday, 20 September 2010

Twilight Teaser Trailer Deconstruction Script

The beginning of the teaser trailer shows image of "Summit Entertainment". This gives recognition to the company that distributed the Twilight movie.
First shot of the trailer sequence starts off with an establishing shot of the two characters in the woods. By viewing this shot in this view, you're able to see the outside environment that the characters are in and the action that's happening within the scene. The next shot stays within the same scene but a different camera shot. The next shot is a medium close of the same two characters from the previous shot. From this shot is allows viewers to see their facial expressions more clearly which allows us to find out more about them which then allows us to find out more about their personality and lets us into the action of the scene. By the male's facial expression, he is looking at her from the back almost in a loving way or embracing her presence. She on the other hand looks very unsure and a bit scared through the frown on her face and how her eyes are looking outwards as if trying to figure out the situation and the man behind her.
The next few shots are jump cuts are shown in fast editing. This shows us as viewers some of the action that's within the film sequence. The next shot is once again to the medium close up that was shown before. At this time the viewer can already see that these two characters are the two of the main characters in the film. This easer trailer is also supported by on-screen text which keeps the viewer engaged with the trailer and also gives the audience something to think about while watching the film.
There is a low angle tilt up show of where the male character flies through the air. Here is the first evidence that his character is not normal and may have some super natural powers. This leads to the vampire-fantasy genre of the film.
Another medium-close up is shown where the male and female characters become closer and go in to share a kiss. This shows how a romance is forming between the two lead characters. Medium shot here shown here of female character looking back at the male character who's in a long shot. Possibly gives away some of the narrative where it shows the male character staring at her. Almost in a stalker way but also not harmful. Thereafter, there are more jump cuts and fast editing which shows a lot of the action within the scene. This shows how he saves her from a car crash. Close ups are then shown of both characters looking at each other. By her facial expression here, you can see that she's in shock of how he managed to save her with his strength. Here she gets a glimpse of who he really is.
On-Screen text, once again, shown saying "From the Worldwide Best Seller". This shows audience how successful the Twilight books were. This gives an indication to possibly the movie being as successful as the book.
Another establishing show is shown where the two main characters are in the apartment together. This shows how close they're getting to each other and shows their chemistry where is a close up of their faces together before he flies her off. Here is shows her trust towards him by allowing him to fly her away.

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