Monday, 20 September 2010

SAW 5 Teaser Trailer Deconstruction Script

Trailer starts off with a close up shot which is zoomed out. It's almost like a small moving image of the character. This is the only footage shown at this point and rest of the screen is black. By just showing this character, it shows that he is possibly the main character in this story line.
Thereafter, there are some on-screen text. The text allows the audience to engage with the trailer and what it's showing and possibly gives some meaning to what the story line could possibly mean.
As the trailer goes on, the close up of the small moving image gets closer. On-screen text follows after each shot where the character gets closer. Here we can see the character more clearly. By his facial expression, it shows the mans fear clearly. He also has some blood on his face which shows that he's hurt and has been suffering. This is a clue towards what the story could be about.
Tracking show is used here as the man is looking towards the camera. The tracking shot of the character allows audience to see every moving action of the actor. In this shot you can see the man trying and struggling to escape.
Here us a close up shown of the main character, once again struggling to escape. His hands also shows his struggle y holding on trying to get free. This gives away a lot about the narrative of the film. So far we are under the impression that this man is in great pain and someone could possibly be punishing him.
Medium close up once again of the main character. By his facial expression you can tell that he's screaming. Possibly for pain or desperate attempt to get out. This could also show a big cry out for how scared he is.
Fast editing is now present showing him in a struggle and suffering, once again. Sound effects play a great role in keeping audiences glued to the screen and engaged with the trailer. The sound effects also indicate the horror genre of the film. Audio on DVD Extras

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