Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Teaser Trailer Treatment

A2 Media Coursework Teaser Trailer Treatment Title: Zombie Invasion Genre: Horror There’s a zombie invasion that hits the town and takes over a local school and a surrounding area. It starts off when one of the students is walking through the science area with a jar of purple liquid which contains the infection. As he is walking with the jar, he trips over and the liquid pours out, releasing the infection throughout the school. There is one student who tries to contain and stop the infection spreading. We were trying to follow the same story line as the film, Resident Evil but some parts will be different. The students that get infected by the zombies will get turned into zombies as soon as she gets infected. As more and more of the students get infected, there are less students remaining in school. There is only one student left who is in a race against the clock to try and stop the infection from spreading towards the rest of the town. She desperately tries to find an antidote to save the people. She struggles to find out where and what this antidote could be. She meets a slowly dying person who informs her of what this antidote is and lets her know that she is the chosen one and the cure is within her body in the form of her blood. She panics because she doesn’t know how to get the blood out of her because she’s the only student left and doesn’t know who she can trust anymore.

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