Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Location Report

Empty Corridor- I used this to show her trying to find any other survivors. The emptiness of the corridor will give the trailer an eerie feel, which adds to the mood of the story as a whole.
Empty Locations- I chose to show two empty locations in our teaser trailer. One of them will be the field and the other will be the outside of the sixth form block. I chose to do this to show the emptiness of the school, once all the students had been struck by the infection. I chose the field because it is vast and will show how large the spread of the infection was. It is also a good place to show as empty as it is usually full of students doing PE. The other empty location I chose was the area outside the sixth form block. This is also another area of the school that is usually busy and noisy, so it was also show empty the school is. The glass front of the sixth form block allows the audience to see inside the building, which will also be empty, which gives it an eerie feel to the trailer.
Slope- the slope will be used to show someone who has survived the virus slowly dying, and informing the student survivor of a secret which will stop the infection spreading. I chose this location because the walled area and the railing would be good for the dying person to rest against and try to move further to safety. This area is quite open which means that there can be other people/ zombies in the scene instead of having just the main two characters.
The door - this door will be used to show the first zombie. The glass panel in the door is small enough to just show the face of the zombie which is all that is supposed to be shown at this point in the trailer. The door is usually locked which means that is will rattle when banged against and that is the action the zombie will do. This area looks more school related than the overpass itself so it will be showing the setting for the rest of the action.
Corridor- this is the first location that will be seen in the trailer and will play a pivotal role in the trailer as this will be the cause of the infection. I chose this location because it looks different from the rest of the school buildings. The overpass has a sense of newness to it as it is empty, uncluttered and the walls and floors are clean and shiny still. I chose this location because it is anonymous and does not look like a part of the school. You cannot see anything that is school related so the audience will not know that this is not near the science rooms.
Sixth form stairs- this location will be used to show her looking around for other students and teachers. The staircase is wide enough to allow the camera to show her walking from the top to the bottom. The glass blocks that make up the front of the building are useful as they allow the camera to show the outside of the building, this will be perfect for showing the emptiness of the school. This will add a sense of mystery and suspense to the scene as people will be wondering why there is nobody about.
Sports hall- I am using the doors that lead into the sports hall because the glass panels in the doors make it a great location for the survivor to confine the zombies and stop the infection spreading. The area around the doors is shadowy and dark and adds an eerie feel to the scene, this will make it seem like there is something lurking in the shadows waiting to jump out and scare everyone. This adds tension to the scene, which makes it, fit in well with the genre of the trailer. Car park/ gates- I chose the car park and the gates for the last scenes in the trailer, as it would make a great location for her to walk through after she has contained the virus and zombies. Usually there are hardly any cars so it will give the scene a look of desertion, which would follow the theme from the other shots in the sixth form block and the field. The shadows created by the building adds a slight edge to the location as it is not known if there is something or someone lurking in the shadows. This will add tension to the scene that this location is used for.
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