Friday, 17 September 2010

Jennifer's Body Magazine Cover Decontruction Script

  • The overall cover is very plain with just one character in the front cover as the main image. This possibly indicates her being the main character in Jennifer's body.
  • Here hand is covered in blood, this also gives away some of the story from that film as well as the blood splattered on the floor by her foot.
  • The title of the magazine is shown in a bright red colour and bold text. The text is also written in capital letters which makes it stand out more to the reader.
  • There is no main cover line for this magazine, just normal cover lines throughout the cover which appeals to the audience that look at the cover before deciding to buy it. Cover lines also shows other articles in the magazine.
  • The main character here in this cover is dressed in a cheer-leading outfit which may suggest that she is in a school or she is either very popular among other people and friends because cheerleaders in films are mostly popular.
  • When you first look at here in the main image, you would think that she is just a typical teenage cheerleader. And you would also think that the featured film is not a horror film until you see the blood dripping from her hand.
  • No main coverline for the film is shown on the cover, only a pull out quote from Megan Fox suggesting there is an interview with her in the magazine itself.

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