Monday, 20 September 2010

Resident Evil Apocalypse Teaser Trailer Deconstruction Script

This teaser trailer starts off with a close up of the lady's face. She is in the position of her touching her face and looking straight at the camera. This shows the character engaging with the audience through her eyes. Her face is shown with the background being white. This also enhances the light of the shot. The shot seems to have a light that's been enhanced to make it brighter. The brightness also shows her features in her face.
On-screen text is present in this trailer. "Age" text is shown with a close up of her face. The texture of her skin looks wrinkled which suggests her age. The close up shot was successful in showing the features of this female character and how this may represent woman who tend to want to maintain their healthy skin even when they're growing older.
This shot here is a close up shown of the object. With this close up, you can see the detail of the object itself that's being presented. Showing the object in this shot, shows the importance of it. This leading to what the narrative could possibly entail. The text says "Regenerate. This word of text could generate some meaning for the object. So far, we as audience would think that this seems like a television advert de to the white background and the close ups of her face.
After the shot of the object, it goes to another close up of the female's character. She is still touching her face. So she could possibly be advertising a skin care product. The next shot is a visual close up of cells with blue colour flowing through the bloodstream. This symbolizes someone's body and how the treatment passes through the body.
After the visual of the blue colour flowing the the body, it then goes to a mid-shot of the female character once again. Because she has been presented in this trailer a lot since the beginning, it could possibly mean that her character is quiet important in the trailer and gives it meaning for viewers to understand the trailer. As she touches her face in this show, her skin tend to have less wrinkles making her look younger. This could possibly show an effect from using the "Regenerate" treatment that she was advertising before.
The master shot shown of her and the dog could suggest the theory of a dog being her friend. This could also mean that the dog might play a role later in the film. As the camera gets a close up of her face, the camera also zooms in closer to her face. By having this shot, you can instantly see that the features of her face are changing. At this point, her face is getting a more darker complexion and her skin is beginning to tear up showing cracks in her face. Her eyes are also opening more than in her previous shot shot where she looked more normal. Judging by this image of her and comparing it to the previous shot of her clear skin, there is a big difference. Because of the transition with her face changing, this could mean that that could be the consequence of her taking that "Regenerate" treatment. Therefore giving audience something to think about.
After the zoom in on her face, there is a close up of the dog growling which adds to the sound effect linking in with the horror genre of the film. Thereafter, there are fast editing of different shots where more action is shown, giving the trailer more meaning. As the "Regenerate" treatment object breaks, an extreme close up is shown of the female looking vert distraught and messy which is unusual. Once again, this shows how the "Regenerate" treatment is currently playing a big role in this film as well as the trailer.
After that, there are jump cuts of a birds eye view of a city or town. Here we finally see some form of normality because we see something familiar. As the jump cuts grow faster and get closer, it stop when there is a medium close up of the female character holding a gun. This shows her dominance within the scene. This could also show that she may be the leading character of this film as she stands in the middle of the town amongst disaster and disturbance.
The trailer has a circular structure because it starts off with the same theme as in the beginning of the trailer where the "Regenerate" treatment comes into play. Because at the end of the trailer, on-screen text is in blue showing "Regenerate". This proves how vital this treatment is for the narrative of the story. Audio on DVD Extras

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